42nd Across Wales Walk

3 September 2005

The Across Wales Walk

42nd Across Wales Walk in summary:

Weather clear and dry at low level. Cloud on Plynlimon for most of the day clearing towards to end of the event. However mostly sunny and relatively dry under foot .

  • 102 starters, 92 finishers.
  • 6 successful double crossings including only the second female to do so.
  • Fastest time 8 hours 55 minutes.
  • Last man home 17 hours 31 minutes.

This page provides reports and timing information for the 42nd Across Wales Walk.

  1. Photographs of this year's event
  2. Entrants and completion times
  3. The Across Wales Walk: an Organiser's perspective

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2005 Photo Gallery:

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Thanks to Clive Lungmuss, Rob Richardson, Tony Walton, Rob Young, Mark Lewis, Peter Hooper, Nick Andrews and Jamie Dunbar who provided photos for the site.


Jamie's Story

Jamie Dunbar of BBC Radio Wales took part in the Across Wales Walk in 2005 as a feature for his radio show Studio X. He made it as far as CP3, but his photos stand as a record of his achievement as a novice long distance walker.


42nd ACROSS WALES WALK: entrants and completion times

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42nd ACROSS WALES WALK: an Organiser's view by Stuart Lamb

One hundred and two walkers left the Welsh border at 04:55 to start this year's Across Wales Walk. Conditions were initially cold and clear but things turned a little misty as dawn approached. Visibility improved during the day but the mist persisted on the top of Plynlimon until most of the entrants had crossed the massif. The wind strength increased in the afternoon, making shaded locations such as CP4 quite cool, but in the open valleys heading for the coast conditions were almost perfect for checkers, if not a little warm for the entrants. First home were Tim Elwood and John Kemp who completed the event in a highly creditable time of 8 hours 55 minutes. Mark Lewis and Chris Pritchett arrived in third and fourth places 8 and 13 minutes later. There were also six successful 'double crossings' of the event by Wyn George, Tony Walton, Richard Rosser, Philip Smith, Rod Hollands and Lynn Cook, the latter being only the second female to complete such a feat.

There were a total of 10 retirements, the majority of which occurred at CP3 after 25 miles. The event progressed well with the exception of one potentially dangerous incident: a highly experienced entrant blacked-out on one of the most precipitous sections of the route - Nant Gwestyn between CPs 2 and 3 - falling a considerable distance on his back, head first, down a steep bracken-covered bank towards the river. Fortunately, gorse bushes further down the valley side arrested his fall and walkers in the vicinity effected a safe recovery. The entrant was unhurt and our sincere thanks go to those who attended the incident. It was also a salutary lesson for us as Organisers. We have revised our emergency procedures as a result and the condition of this path section has also been raised again with the local authorities who, despite the parish not being scheduled for footpath improvement, will hopefully implement oft-requested improvements before the 2006 event.

From an Organiser’s standpoint, this year's Across Wales was successful and enjoyable, primarily due to the efforts of West Birmingham Hostelling Group, the welcome band of walkers-turned-checkers and RAYNET who consistently provide the exemplary levels of support to the entrants for which this event has become renowned. Thanks to all.

A date for your diary: the forty-third Across Wales Walk will take place on 2nd September 2006. See www.acrosswaleswalk.co.uk for details in early May.


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