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1 September 2018

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30 October 2017

Thanks for your support of last month's event, a report of which has been placed on the 2017 Report page.

Details of the 55th Across Wales Walk which will take place on 1st September 2018 will be published on this site on 1st May 2018. Please do not submit application using last year's form as these will not be accepted. Meanwhile, information relating to the 54th AWW is retained below to give you an indication of what the event is all about.




Please note that this event has a reputation for filling-up quickly. However, please don't let that dissuade you from entering as we always have entrants withdrawing from the event due to illness, injury etc. In fact, in recent years virtually all those submitting an entry form and who have been allocated a place on our reserve list have ultimately been allocated a full place on the event. Places may also be available at short notice so it's always worth asking, preferably by e-mail, or just submit a form.

It is strongly recommended that those new to this event read the document  Across Wales Walk: The Hard Truth!  which has been endorsed by many regular and experienced entrants. As the title suggests, this tells you what it is really like to take part!

Don't forget to join our Facebook group page for all the latest information and discussion on all things AWW.

Please note that membership of the AWW Facebook group is open to anyone genuinely interested in this event, be they entrants, supporters or just aficionados of the wonderful countryside of mid-Wales. However as a result of recent attempts to join the group for nefarious purposes, applicants whose profile suggests no participation in challenge walking or other outdoor activities, and who have not been accepted, are requested to contact me by e-mail to confirm their interest.


NB If you are seeking information on Newtown Rotary Club's Across Wales Charity Walk which takes place in June each year then please follow this link.


The Across Wales Walk is proud to support the

 The Cambrian Mountain Society

The Cambrian Mountain Society
"Working to secure greater recognition for the unique landscape, environment and heritage of the Cambrian Mountains"

This page provides all the necessary information for those wishing to take part in the 54th Across Wales Walk.

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  2. Terms and Conditions of Entry
  3. Friday night and Saturday morning at Clun
  4. The route, checkpoints, equipment and emergency procedures
  5. Saturday night and Sunday morning at Aberystwyth
  6. Booking for The 54th Across Wales Walk

The 54th Across Wales Walk.......answers to your questions

Is it possible to cross Wales in one day by foot?

Yes, and for the last fifty four years West Birmingham Hostelling Group, and its successor the Across Wales Walk Association, have organised the Across Wales Walk: an event now recognised as one of the regular classics of the challenge walking calendar.

How far is it, where does it start and finish, and how long will it take?

Nominally the route is 45 miles long from the English border at Anchor near Clun in Shropshire, to the Welsh coast at Clarach Bay near Aberystwyth. How long it takes is up to you: the record times are 7 hours 22 minutes for the pre-1996 route by Carolyn Hunter-Rowe and 8 hours for the post-1996 route by Mark Lewis. Both of these times were achieved through running of course! However, the average completion is usually around 14 hours in which time one finishes the event in daylight. Note that the event has an 18 hour time limit.

Who can take part, and what is the route like ?

The Across Wales Walk is open to both walkers and runners. Whilst we welcome those attempting completion in fast times, the event is not a race. To comply with The Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996, entrants under 18 will be required to provide a declaration from a parent or guardian to enter and must be accompanied throughout the event by an adult nominated at the time of application (two under-18s per adult maximum). Should the nominated adult retire, the accompanied under-18 entrant must also retire unless another participant will accept responsibility for them in writing.

The recommended route traverses paths, tracks, unclassified roads and open country, including Plynlimon at 2467 ft. Almost every type of terrain is encountered: tarmac, rough track, forest, farmland, open moorland and bog. Invariably this is negotiated under the full extremes of British weather in September: snow, biting wind, sweltering heat and heavy rain have all featured in recent years. Not surprisingly therefore, the event requires strength, stamina and endurance: it is strongly recommended that participants will have recently completed a one-day challenge walk of at least 30 miles before attempting this event. Also note that the ability to navigate over a variety of terrain using a map and compass, in both inclement weather and the hours of darkness, is an essential requirement.

Whilst there are other tougher events,
The Across Wales Walk is not recommended as an introduction to challenge walking!

I'd like to bring a group of friends or workmates on this event. We're also thinking of raising money for a good cause. Do you have any recommendations?

Certainly! Take a look at previous reports and, in particular, please read our article Across Wales Walk: The Hard Truth! which we've prepared in response to the increasing number of such requests.

I'd like to bring my dog on the event. Is that allowed?

Sorry, dogs are not allowed in any part of this event.

So what's so special about the Across Wales Walk?

Well the Across Wales Walk is a linear event starting and finishing at two points separated by approximately 45 miles of magnificent Welsh countryside. Though the actual walk takes place over an 18 hour time limit, the whole event extends over a full weekend:

So in addition to being a superb walk in its own right, the event is a great opportunity to meet other members of the challenge walking fraternity and, basically, have a great time! We believe this is why so many people return year after year..but don't take our word for it - ask previous entrants!

What does it cost to enter the 54th Across Wales Walk?

The basic package for 2017 is 70. Further optional meals, additional accommodation, badges etc are available at extra cost.

OK....I'm interested in taking part. What do I do now?

We suggest you explore this site, read the reports on previous events, examine the route, see the legal stuff below and, if you're still interested, then we would welcome your booking in accordance with the instructions provided.

An Amazing Weekend in Wales: just ask any previous entrant!

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Terms and Conditions of Entry

Whilst the organisers, The Across Wales Walk Association, will take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and welfare of participants and their possessions, no liability can be accepted for loss, injury or illness however this may arise. Entrants participate in the event entirely at their own risk. Refreshments available during the event may be of commercial or home-made origin, potentially presented under adverse conditions, and are therefore offered in good faith but without guarantee. The organisers reserve the right to: 

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Friday night and Saturday morning at Clun

Friday 1st September 2017 The New Memorial Hall, Clun, Shropshire.

To see to a map showing the location of Clun, try this link.

Entering Clun from Craven Arms (B4368) after the chapel on the right, turn right into Ford Street. Turn right again at the T-junction. The hall is on the left (137/302811) before the Youth Hostel. Postcode for your Sat Nav: SY7 8NY.

Please park closely together and away from the playing field, or as directed by a Marshall. Note that both the hall and the playing fields may be used for other events during the weekend.

On arrival, please register and receive your checkpoint control card.

There are no cooking facilities available to participants, although we will do our best to provide tea and biscuits on arrival. Bar meals are available at The Sun Inn and The White Horse Inn.

The simple accommodation comprises the floor of the hall: please bring an airbed or 'Karrimat' and a sleeping bag. Sleeping is mixed, non-segregated. Alternatively participants may erect tents on the playing field but these must be taken down before leaving Clun on Saturday morning.

Lights-out is strictly at 10:30 p.m. and late arrivals must use the designated area and maintain silence. Mobile phones, beeping watches and all other alarms and similar devices MUST be disabled within the hall after 10:30. We reserve the right to deny access to any participants not complying with these requirements.

Saturday 2nd September 2017 The New Memorial Hall, Clun, Shropshire.

Reveille will be at 03:15.

A light breakfast of tea or coffee with toast and marmalade, jam or honey will be available.

By 3:45 a.m. areas of the hall will be designated for walkers' own food and equipment to be transported to CPs 2 and after, and for Aberystwyth Halls. Please note that:

  1. Beds, bedding and towels are provided at Aberystwyth and therefore airbeds, sleeping bags etc should be left in participants' vehicles at Clun. Please exercise restraint in the size and weight of your luggage.
  2. All equipment to be forwarded to CPs must be clearly marked with the participant's name and entry number
  3. Equipment deposited at checkpoints will be forwarded to Aberystwyth as the event progresses.

Note that equipment cannot be transported between checkpoints. We will do our best to ensure that walkers equipment is secure however we cannot accept any liability for late delivery, damage or loss of equipment or possessions at any stage during or after the event.

At approx. 04:15 a.m. participants will be directed to cars, minibuses or coaches for the journey to the starting point of the walk.

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The route, checkpoints, equipment and emergency procedures

Route and Checkpoints:

The description of the route will be sent on confirmation of booking and is available on the Maps and Navigation page. Maps showing this route will be available for reference on the evening before the event. Participants are free to vary the route but all checkpoints must be visited. Locations and opening times of checkpoints are as follows:

Locations and opening times of checkpoints are as follows:


OS Explorer (Landranger)


Open time

Close time

Section (miles)

Total (miles)


214 (136)
SO 173855

Anchor Bridge






214 (136)
SO 077862







214 (136)
SN 975867







214 (135)
SN 857870

Hafren picnic site






213 (135)
SN 753862

Nant-y-moch dam






213 (135)
SN 684863

Bont-goch (Elerch)






213 (135)

Clarach Bay





Checkpoint control cards must be carried throughout the event and, importantly, must be presented on arrival and departure from CPs 2 to 5 (CP 1 and Finish present on arrival only). The use of control cards is the prime means of tracking the safe progress of participants and therefore these procedures must be observed.

Liquid refreshments and biscuits will be provided at all checkpoints; cups will be provided. Soup will also be available at CPs 3 and 4. Participants are reminded that their own food may be forwarded to all checkpoints with the exception of CP 1.

***Exemplary discipline in respect of the closing of gates must be maintained throughout the event. ***


For the safety of participants, the following items must be carried:

Note that the organisers reserve the right to carry out kit checks before and during the event.

The last two miles of the event traverses an often busy stretch of road leading to resort of Clarach Bay which is narrow and potentially dangerous after dark. The use of high visibility clothing and torches by participants completing the event after dusk is strongly recommended.

The use of GPS navigation receivers is allowed as an aid to safety but not as a substitute for map, compass and appropriate navigation skills. Co-ordinate data for the route is available: see page on Maps and Navigation).

Retirement and emergency procedures

In case of retirement from the event not at a checkpoint, please:

In areas where mobile phone coverage is poor, such information should be provided to event control by SMS/text message.

Following retirement, entrants will be transported to Aberystwyth at the earliest opportunity.

In case of emergency, contact the appropriate emergency service and, if possible, contact event control as above.

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Saturday night and Sunday morning at Aberystwyth

Saturday 2nd September 2017 Clarach Bay and Cwrt Mawr, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Walkers will be transferred from the finish to the University halls by minibus or car. On arrival, room keys should be obtained from event control in Cwrt Mawr Halls. Note that rooms are single with shared showers and toilet facilities.

**New for 2017** Buffet meals are available 5 - 11pm in Bryn Amlwg and these must be booked at the time of application at an additional cost of 12.50. Available choices are shown on the entry form: please make your selection on arrival.

Note that Bryn Amlwg is a newly-refurbished Restaurant and Bar on the University campus just 200m from and on nearly the same level as Cwrt Mawr Halls of residence where we stay the night. The venue has a relaxing ambience, dedicated rooms for our use and a fine selection of beers and wines for purchase. Best of all you don't need to walk back up 'that hill' afterwards!

For more details of Bryn Amlwg please see this link.

Note that additional single rooms for friends and family following the event are available at an extra cost of 38 per person, inclusive of breakfast. Further meals are also available as above.

There is no official 'lights-out' but participants are requested to keep noise to a minimum after 10:30 p.m.

Sunday 3rd September 2017 Cwrt Mawr Halls, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

A choice of full or Continental breakfast will be available in Ta Med Da, Penbryn Hall, between 0730 and 0900.

Participants are requested to clear their rooms before 9:30 a.m. bring their bags to the foyer of Penbryn Halls and, importantly, hand-in their room keys to the organisers at the earliest opportunity. NB Loss of room keys will incur a charge of 40.

At 9:30 a.m. there will be a ceremony in Medrus (above Ta Med Da by Penbryn Hall) at which certificates will be presented. Badges will be available for purchase at this time.

At approx. 10:30 a.m. participants will join either minibuses or a coach for the return journey to Clun.

AND THAT'S IT! - if you would like to enter, please see 'Booking information' below.

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Booking for The 54th Across Wales Walk

Booking form

Further information is available as follows:

On acceptance of the booking, participants will receive an e-mail or letter of acknowledgement, a map showing the location of The Memorial Hall, Clun and a description of the recommended route, if available.

Closing date for bookings is 17 August 2017 but early booking is strongly advised as the event is usually over-subscribed. A reserve list will be maintained.

During July and August the ability of the Organiser to respond to communications may be restricted. Accordingly, cancellations and allocation of reserve places may not be processed, acknowledged or confirmed until the week following the closing date.

Cancellations received by telephone, e-mail or letter before the closing date will be refunded less 3 to cover administration expenses. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given for cancellations received after this time.

We look forward to seeing you on the event this year.

Stuart Lamb

Organiser of the 54th Across Wales Walk on behalf of The Across Wales Walk Association.

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